CO-20001 Wing Goals



Cadet Impact Goals

  1. To ensure the safety and well-being of our cadets at during Corps activities, the Cadet Wing established a CPR/First Aid Team with 25 cadets certified in CPR/First Aid.  By the end of the academic year, our goal is to have at least 125 cadets certified in CPR/First Aid.

  2. To achieve the Corps’ academic goal of a 2.6 Grade Point Average, the Cadet Wing will increase the number of cadets earning the academic ribbon by 25% and the Kitty Hawk Society membership by 15%.  Additionally, a tutoring program was established to help cadets who were not able to attend the school’s tutoring program.

  3. To improve the availability of tutoring for cadets who could not attend the school's tutoring program, t3.  he JROTC program will develop a tutoring program before school and during lunch in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies.

School Impact Goals

  1. Encourage cadets to become more involved in JROTC and school activities.  80 % of cadets will participate in JROTC Co-Curricular (Leadership Development Requirements) activities and 50% of cadets will participate in at least one school extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports.... etc. 

  2. Recruit at least 150 first year cadets for the academic year 2018-19 by having the Area Presentation Team making presentations at elementary schools, middle schools and high school recruiting fairs.  We also want to retain at least 55% of the current first year cadets.

  3. To support our graduating seniors and Cadet Corps activities, the Corps will raise money to fund at least four (4) unit JROTC senior scholarships and help fund 4 CIA trips.

Community Impact Goals

  1. To emphasize the importance of the Core Value, Service before Self, the Cadet Wing will perform at least 6,000 community service hours. 

  2. After Hurricane Harvey, during our 9/11 Ceremony, the Cadet Wing immediately established a goal to raise $500.00 for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  This donation would be made in the memory Kathryn Yancey LaBorie, a Mitchell High Graduate, who died during the 9/11 tragedy.