Permission Slips


School and Address:_ Mitchell High School 1205 N. Potter Dr. Colorado Springs, CO, ZIP 80909

Contact Phone # 719-328-6657 

I, (print name) _____________am the custodial parent and/or legal guardian of:

(print name of student)_____________

I give my permission for the student to participate in the following activity: MHS JROTC March On at Garry Barry Stadium Friday October 19, 2018. There will be a tailgate party in room 402 at 4:30 pm. The cost of the tailgate party is $1. If your student is not participating in the tailgate party, they need to be in room 402 by 5:30 pm to ride the bus. If you are bringing your student, please have them at the stadium by 6:00 pm. Uniform is Service Dress. Students will be returned to MHS at 7:30 pm or 9:00 pm if they are staying to watch the Football game.

Is participation in the activity mandatory?

Yes. This activity is part of the students participation grade. 

What about insurance?

I understand that School District 11 is not responsible for insuring me or the student with regard to the student's participation in the activity or any fund raising event associated with the activity. I am responsible for obtaining any medical, accident, or other insurance that I may deem appropriate.

Is the School District responsible for damages or injuries that may occur during the activity?

I understand that School District 11 and its employees may have certain legal protections and immunities from liability with respect to any property damage or personal injury that may occur during the field trip activity or any fund raising event associated with the activity. School District 11 and its employees have not waived these protections and immunities.

By signing this form, on behalf of myself, the student, and our family and representatives, I release, indemnify, and hold harmless Colorado Springs School District 11 and its employees from and against all claims for damages or injuries involving the student which occur as a result of the student’s own misconduct, the actions or omissions of third parties, or relate to property which is not owned by School District 11. I understand that for purposes of this form, the term “employees” includes School District 11 directoy employees, servants, and volunteers.

Out of Country Field Trips

I understand that any field trip involving air travel or any type of travel outside of the continental United States could have additional risks and safety considerations. The current geo-political climate as well as cultural and legal differences in other countries may create safety and legal considerations different from those found in traveling in the United States. Evacuation from a foreign country due to an emergency medical condition of the student could be very expensive. District 11 recommends contacting the U.S. Department of State website for tips on traveling abroad.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand this Field Trip Permission Form.

(Read carefully before signing)


Signature of Custodial Parent or Legal Guardian:_________________________

Street Address:_________________

City State ZIP:____________________

Emergency Contact: (Name & Phone)____________________________                                         

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