Full Chain of Command and Inspection Questions

Chain of Command

Wing Commander

C/Col. Pamela Flores 

Vice Wing Commander

C/Col. Kodie Donaldson

Wings Commander

C/Lt. Col. Yoanna Monroy 

Inspector General

C/Maj. Sheahona Zwick-Medina 

Wing Executive Officer

C/Maj. Leydi Perez

Special Projects Officer

C/Cap. Cielo Monarez

Operations Group Commander

C/Lt. Col. Justin Williamson

Support Group Commander

C/Lt. Col. Jonathan Twombly

Services Squadron Commander

C/Maj. Brenilde Gonzalez

Mission Support Squadron Commander     

C/Maj Alex Fleming 

Alpha Squadron Commander

C/Lt. Col. Mariana Pascual

Bravo Squadron Commander

C/Maj. Shaianne Aragon

Flight Commander

Assistant Flight Commander

C/1st Lt.____________________

C/2nd Lt.

National Chain of Command

President of the US

Honorable Donald Trump

Vice President of US

Honorable Micheal Pence

Speaker of the House

Honorable Nancy Pelosi

Secretary of State

Honorable Mike Pompe

Secretary of Defense

Honorable (acting) Patrick M. Shanahan

Chief of Staff of Air Force

Gen. David L. Goldfein

Chief Master Sgt. of Air Force

CMSgt. Kaleth O. Wright

Holm Center Commander

Brig. Gen. Billy D. Thompson

AETC Commander

Lt. Gen. Steven L. Kwast

AFJROTC Director

Colonel Paul Lips

Governor of Colorado

Honorable Jared Polis

Mayor of Colorado Springs

Honorable John Suthers

Senators of Colorado

Honorable Michael Bennett & Cory Gardner

Inspection Questions

 What are the Core Values?

 Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.

 What is the Mission of the JROTC Program?

 To develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.

 What is the Honor Code of the Air Force JROTC?

 We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate anyone among us who does.

 What is the Position of Honor?

 The right side

 When did the Air Force become a different Military Branch?

 September 18'”, 1947

 What do the 13 stripes on the American flag represent?

 The Thirteen Original Colonies

 What do the white stripes on the American flag represent?

 Purity and Innocence

 How many Amendments are in the US. Constitution?


 What are the First 10 Amendments called?

Bill of Rights

How Many Elements make a Flight?


How Many Flights make a Squadron?


How Many Squadrons make a Group?


Are we a Platoon, Group, or Wing?


Who is your SASI? (Senior Aerospace Science Instructor)

Lt. Col. Keith Woodfork

Who are your ASI’s? (Aerospace Science Instructors)

Chief Master Sergeant David Figueroa

Senior Master Sergeant Muriel Elliot

Master Sergeant Shonteau Travis

What year and place did JROTC begin?

1911, Cheyenne Wyoming