Honor Guard

The Honor Guard consists of three teams: Color Guard, Drill, and Saber Teams. These teams enable cadets to develop their teamwork skills, confidence, discipline, attention to detail, espirit de corps, and pride.


This elite group has the honor of presenting and posting the national/ state/ school colors at important school and community events. Team members can expect to practice 2 or 3 times a week and more often as competition approaches. Distinctive uniform items are worn. Considerable efforts are required to become a regular member of this group, but the honor more than compensates for the effort. Cadets can earn a color guard ribbon if they meet team participation requirements. Color Guard meets Monday and Wednesday 3:15-4:30 pm.Morning practices for Color Guard will start Oct. 3rd, showtime 6:30 am Monday through Thursday.


The corps has three types of drill teams – unarmed, armed, and exhibition. All three teams require a great deal of extra effort to be successful. Here is a chance to “polish” the basic skills learned during drill and ceremony day. Drill team performs at selected games and learns intense routines to perform at games and special events and competitions. After school practice, extreme concentration, complete compliance with the drill team commander’s commands, desire for public exhibition and recognition and a desire to compete are necessary. Cadets can earn a drill team ribbon if he/she meets team participation requirements.Unarmed Ex and Honor Guard meets Monday through Thursday at 3:15-4:30 pm in the JROTC main room. Morning practices for Unarmed Regulation will start Oct. 3rd, showtime 6:30 am Monday through Thursday.


One of the more popular honor guard teams is the saber team. The saber team enables motivated cadets to polish their drill and ceremony movements while handling sabers and performing various routines. They participate in special ceremonies, community, and school activities such as National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, homecoming, school assemblies, special military events, parades, and military ball celebration.Saber team practices are Tuesday and Thursday 3:15-4:00 pm.