Special congratulations to Lieutenants Terrell Bradford and Sean Castillo. 

Terrell and Sean were both former Mitchell High School JROTC Cadets and will be attending pilot training after their graduation. 

 Job well done Mitchell!!!Take care and be safe.

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Congratuations to CO-20001 for winning Distinguished Unit Award with Merit for the academic year 2019. The highest award that headquarters can give to a JROTC unit.

9/11 Memorial Ceremony:

Honor code_mission_core values


Both are videos of the Texas A&M Aggie Marching Band during military appreciation halftime shows. I figure they’d be good ones for focus/emphasis on teamwork and coordination. Perhaps cadets could write a reflection on their thoughts about teamwork and discipline and perhaps their own marching in respect to the video. Also, the drill teams could use for inspiration for future stuff.

the following link is a welcome video

!There will be no assignment this week. please take this time to make any missing assignment!

All the assignment is listed below. JROTC 1-2 is for 1st year cadets, JROTC 3-4 is for 2nd year cadets, JROTC 5-6 is for 3rd year cadets and JROTC 7-8 is for 4th year cadets.


No announcements this week.